Pursue the finer things in life, the details that stays, the memories that calls. Reach
for the balance of tranquility and adventure. A life that thirst for something more.

Above the Awann

AWAN - derived from Bahasa Indonesia which translates to 'cloud', it reflects our philosophy towards the company values;
Unity and Teamwork A cloud is formed by particles of water vapor that swarms in the air and create smaller clouds, then the wind gathers a massive one enough to cast silhouettes upon the surfaces of the earth, providing Shade and Shelter. Always moving, carrying the rain that replenish.

The journey inspired, that from the ground to the sky and back on earth; the cycle of cloud travels and touches, Humble with Attitude, and Respect anything and everything. With this passion of pursuing grounded hospitality, AWANNGROUP was established to sustain the company future and business expansion. We intend to leave an imprints, channeling creativity that echoes, inspiring the generation anew. To design a place that cocoons, while giving back to the environment.