SES Hospitality Collaborations

JAKARTA - SES Hospitality and AWANNGROUP has agreed to cooperate and collaborate in a project followed by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to more developments of AWANNGROUP Hotels in Indonesia. The MoU signed between Fabrice Mini as Founder and Managing Director SES HOSPITALITY and Albert Dwijaya as President Director AWANNGROUP by 23 March 2022.

As the world recovered from the pandemic, the interest and demand of Boutique Hotel staying experience increased. Therefore, AWANNGROUP and SES Hospitality have entered into a partnership aiming to pave the way to a more successful hospitality industry in Indonesia. More than just aiming for a restoration, but also creating a new hotel experience, The Augmented Reality.

Fabrice Mini, Founder and Managing Director of SES Hospitality mentioned, "The future of the hospitality industry belongs to the game-changers combining strength, experience, and competency to build a synergic business for success ahead.”

Aligned with the previous statement, Albert Dwijaya as President Director AWANNGROUP also mentioned, “Experienced as an investor and professional in the industry, also combined with a strong human resources, we believe that this collaboration with SES Hospitality may bring the initial step for us to develop a whole new business model in the market shifting era. We also give investors a genuine explanation of what is worth investing and gain trust by our genuine portfolios.”


SEMARANG - Understanding the importance of having good human resources in the industry, AWANNGROUP developed a program made by and for AWANN associates, titled ‘Life at AWANN’. AWANNGROUP aims to bring the best of their associates through training and coaching. More than just a training of how a good performance was made, but we also train associates on how a healthy work life can be implemented.

We do training and coachings gatherings titled Owner’s Gatherings under this program. AWANNGROUP aims to make associates understand the importance of self development in the professional field by giving training on productivity, career growth, setting priorities for efficiency and many more.

We also share some tips and tricks of this program through Life at AWANN official Instagram account, @LifeAtAWANN. More than just sharing inspirational contents of professional life, we also share associate activity & job vacancy at AWANNGROUP in our @LifeAtAWANN Instagram account.